3 Ways to Change Perceived Weaknesses into Corporate Differentiators

Many small to mid-sized business owners believe that successfully running their enterprises means steering clear of the industry giants. They (wrongfully) assume that their smaller operations instantly put their company at a disadvantage, unable to go head-to-head with the vertical’s biggest competitors.

Not true.

Rebel leaders and entrepreneurs recognize that bigger doesn't always mean better when it comes to stealing market share – and that the secret to commanding consumer attention often boils down to changing how they view their current offerings, capabilities, and innovations. Competing with larger companies is not about glossing over inefficiencies and insufficient offerings; to establish your business as a viable force in the industry, it's crucial to turn what may be perceived corporate weaknesses into proven service differentiators. Here's how:

Emphasize Your Agility in Market

As a mid-sized business owner, you may not be able to offer your clients access to the latest innovations. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing, particularly if the overuse of technology provides minimal impact on the final product or solution. Branding your approach as streamlined, expedient, and efficient can showcase your company's market agility and remind your targeted demographic that simplifying the process can deliver both cost and time savings.

Personalize Consumer Interactions

Some entrepreneurs view their smaller internal staff as a perceived brand weakness. However, one of the biggest complaints consumers often have when working with larger companies is that they must endure poor customer service (or no customer service at all). Use this to your advantage by personalizing every client engagement and delivering highly responsive one-on-one customer care and attention that instantly sets you apart from larger organizations.

Shake Things Up

Perhaps the best way for rebel leaders to steal customers from their biggest competitors? Forget about how things have "always been done" and create something new, different, and better within the vertical. Put simply: don't just embrace the disruption – become the disruption. Shake things up with your consumer demographic to transform your brand's perception from startup to innovator as a way to build interest and traction within your targeted audience.

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