4 Ways To Discover The Truth About Your Company Culture

The benefits of a positive company culture go far beyond having happy employees. A thriving workplace environment helps define a business' internal and external identity, reflects an organization's core values, and empowers its employees. Your company's professional vibe can even have a direct impact on your bottom line. Recent statistics show that satisfied employees are not only more engaged but are also 20% more productive than the competition.

Telltale Signs That Your Workplace Environment Needs An Overhaul

What is the current vibe at your company? If you're like most executives, you may not be entirely sure about your employees really think about their place of business (unless, of course, you have a few corporate rebels willing to speak up and say what everyone else is thinking). Even if you don't have any internal mutineers willing to tell it like it is, there are several ways to discover the truth about your company culture. Some essential actions to take, include:

Look At Turnover

Does your business struggle to retain its most talented staff members? If your organization has a high (and consistent) turnover rate, or if you find yourself continuously hiring for the same positions, it could be the result of a poor workplace environment. Identifying the root cause of why your best employees keep leaving is critical to reversing a high quit rate and getting your company back on track for success.

Consider Management Approach

What's the management style of your executives? Are they strictly supervisors and delegators? Or are they true leaders, willing to roll up their sleeves and work alongside their team to get things done? Corporate culture is often a phenomenon that moves from the top down. A disengaged (or disinterested) management staff could be setting a negative cultural tone throughout the rest of the organization.

Observe Employee Engagement

Look around your office at any given moment. Is anyone having any fun? Take an honest inventory of what a day in the life of your employees looks like, both when performing their specific job responsibilities as well as when engaging with other staff members, to get a preliminary understanding of the general mood around the office.

Ask Them (Yes, Really)

Yes, we've already established that most staff members may not feel comfortable telling you that you've got a negative (or even toxic) company culture. However, soliciting an outside resource to interview employees across every level of an organization can deliver a firsthand account of your workplace environment. Professional consultants will not only have the tools and strategies needed to get you the answers you need, but they will also allow your staff to remain anonymous to provide a safe space for them to share as well as guarantee their anonymity throughout the process.  

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