A Rebel's Roadmap for Aligning Your Goals

We recently discussed the importance of understanding your role within the context of others in your organization. How what you do as a full-time corporate rebel can impact, influence, and inspire individuals and stakeholders, both within and beyond your company. You're officially ready to take things up a notch and learn how to strategically align your career goals with your boss' and the business' objectives for mutually beneficial results that drive your career forward.  

Beyond Short-Term Successes: Think Big (Really Big) With Your Goals

When asked to list professional goals, many people often run through a list of aspirations that only relate to their own personal benefit and advancement, which is fine for short-term results and small-distance moves. However, corporate rebels recognize that to optimize return on investment (as well as increase the odds of getting what you ask for), it's critical to think big picture on a grand scale when developing your goal list. Igniting a full-time business rebellion requires aligning long-term objectives with those of your boss, the department head, C-level management, and the company as a whole.

Not really sure what your specific, long-term goals are? No problem. Take an honest inventory that goes beyond job title to ask yourself some goal-guiding questions about what inspires you, what skills you'd like to master, or even what you can do to bring more enjoyment into your job for inspiration.

Go For The Goal Win/Win

Once you've identified some of your specific goals, it's time to align these objectives with the influencers in your organization. Step one: Know the goals of the stakeholders and decision-makers within your company. Check out your company's mission and vision statements, read news articles and blogs, and review industry trends to become an expert on (and advocate of) what your company does and the trajectory it's on for the future.

Another effective way to understand others' goals? Ask. Seize every opportunity you have to ask open-ended questions that provide insight on what those around you are trying to achieve and listen to their answers. Use your newfound knowledge to recognize possible opportunities and disruptions before they occur, so you're ready to make strategically rebellious decisions that help you attain your personal objectives and support specific company objectives for the ultimate goal win/win.

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