Applying Rebel Rule #1: Seeing What's Invisible to Others

We've defined the specifics about Rebel Rule #1: Seeing What's Invisible to Others. We've also taken a deeper dive into this rebel rule, identifying it in action at Rothy’s. Now it's time to pinpoint ways to apply this principle into your own business practices. 

REBEL & REASON Offers Tips To Help You See What Others Can't

Feeling a bit pressured to tap into an unpracticed superpower? You're not alone – and (better yet) – it's not as hard as you may think. Some of us assume that seeing what others can't requires bionic vision, an innate talent, or decades of practice. None of this is true. 

A natural inclination to conjure up doors where most see walls is helpful. However, all of us can take the steps necessary to practice finding opportunity in virtually any business disruption. While dreaming big is always a highly-coveted rebel characteristic, sometimes the most impactful business vision comes from sharpening our ability to pay attention to the smaller details. It's all about connectivity.

Look for Pattern and Trends

The first step in seeing what others don't is looking at what everyone does see. Rebel leaders assess all of the information that is available to them. Once they've immersed themselves in the data, they look for patterns. Identifying trends in the industry, with consumers, and even on a global scale can help innovators make informed, intuitive predictions on how technology and market behavior will evolve.

Find Potential Corporate Drivers

Once you're familiar with the information surrounding your vertical and current business issue, brainstorm with your team to pinpoint the biggest "drivers" or macro trends that you feel will have the most significant influence on your operations. Display each pattern somewhere in the room where they are visible to everyone. 

Next, collaborate. Encourage your team to share their ideas about connectivity between potential problems, interdependencies, and reinforcements. Talk about how the correlation between these factors will drive future behavior – and identify ways to not only circumvent turbulent terrain in the marketplace, but also create strategies that use the power of both current and future disruption to your own business advantage to thrive.

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