Billie's "Female First" Razor Slays Beauty Stereotype Monsters

As we've learned in our previous posts, there are all sorts of invisible corporate monsters that true business rebels must eliminate to remain authentic to their core values and beliefs. Like REI and Patagonia, some rebel brands slay monsters by setting boundaries that keep customers out. However, some inherently mutinous organizations slay their corporate monsters by eliminating antiquated and downright discriminatory conventions to allow more customers in.

Enter Billie, a "female first" shaving supply company determined to do more than redefine how women purchase razors, creams, and premium body care products (although make no mistake, they do this too); Billie also burst onto the scene prepared to eliminate some of the beauty industry's biggest stereotypes and double standards.

The first monster slated for a long overdue extermination? The inequitable "pink tax." The pink tax has plagued women-centric products for decades, needlessly driving up costs on anything from fashion and dry cleaning services to personal care products and (wait for it) razors. As a distributor of premium razors designed specifically for women's shapes, angles, and contours, Billie could have gone the traditional pricing route, charging its customers anywhere from 10-15% more than men's razors. However, as a vertical mutineer determined to live up to its "female first" core value, Billie not only brought high-performing products to market at half the price of other women's shaving brands – they actually priced their offerings in line with men's razor subscriptions

But Billie wasn't quite done yet

Billie has also gone gloriously head-to-head with another one of the vertical's biggest monsters: the traditional (read: restrictive) beauty standard that women are often forced to uphold. Many razor companies launch ads and marketing materials that outline a narrow set of rules that women should follow when it comes to body hair removal and upkeep - often with nary an unwanted strand or patch of leg stubble in sight. 

Not Billie. The company holds the distinction of being the first women's personal grooming brand that both shows and celebrates body hair throughout their marketing campaigns. As part of its corporate rebellion and commitment to women, Billie empowers its consumer base, normalizing a diverse range of body hair and ultimately allowing its customers to decide for themselves on an individual basis what must go – and what can grow (bravo, Billie).

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