Building Bridges: The Full-Time Rebel's Preferred Method Of Travel

You understand your corporate role  (where you are), you've aligned your goals (where you want to be) – now what? It's time to start building bridges, or strategically connecting with others to fast track the journey between the two.

Full-time rebels are often natural-born bridge builders based on two inherent characteristics. First, most rebels have a heightened, innate curiosity about, well, everything. Professional provocateurs embrace opportunities for new ideas, new mindsets, and new experiences. Secondly, corporate mutineers are notoriously restless. Their inability to sit still for very long compels them to continuously build bridges so they can move, move, move.

Learning To Embrace Networking (Yes, You)

Yes, a major component in bridge building is networking, which evokes varying levels of dread and trepidation in all of us. However, effective networking doesn't require attending big industry events and introducing yourself to strangers (although I highly recommend this and challenge any full-time rebel to make this a consistent practice – you'll thank me!). Generally, it's not about randomly engaging with people you don't know; it's about activating your existing professional and personal connections to better understand the people you do know who may share your passions, vision, or skill set…then identifying ways you can mutually help and support each other (aka align your goals).  

Recognize Bridge Building Opportunities

The best part about building a bridge? You can do it right where you are, wherever you are. There are probably countless opportunities to develop career-boosting relationships in your team, department, across your organization, and outside your company that you've yet to explore. Successfully and strategically connecting with others delivers several essential full-time rebel benefits. First, intentional engagement with those around you offers both a macro and micro glimpse into your existing professional role, granting you invaluable insight on identifying career opportunities, disruptions, and threats before they occur. 

Additionally, building bridges means building alliances. No corporate rebellion is fought and won alone; you'll need the advocacy of others to support your ideas and innovations, both within and beyond your organization. Finally, and potentially most importantly for us naturally curious, always moving rebels - bridges serve as an escape route to a new experience or opportunity. Future jobs, future clients, future closed deals; every deliberately built bridge and cultivated relationship may someday deliver a clearly defined route of travel in pursuit of your goals.

Download our infographic on Building Bridges here.

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