Community Mode: On

There are plenty of media sites covering an overwhelming amount of “survival mode” stories so we have decided to keep our rebel family updated with “community mode” updates. We talk a lot about disruption and now, almost every last one of us is seeing what this looks like in real-time and we are witnessing the amazing ways brands are responding.

In the face of disruption, the number one rule is to pivot quickly. Now is the time for all of us to look at all four corners of our businesses and do a deep scan of our resources. It’s time to evaluate our mission and act on our values. The community needs us more than ever and if we get creative enough, there is a huge opportunity for us to do the work. 

One company that put the p in pivot for the sake of the community is LVMH. Typically known for creating luxury perfume for its brands,  LVMH heard the call and showed up. By taking inventory of their resources and bringing their values front and center, LVMH realized that they had everything they needed to create a major impact. They took three of their facilities, traditionally used to manufacture perfume, and began producing hand sanitizer that will be donated to the largest hospital system in Europe.   

Another brand taking inventory of their supplies and creating radical, quick pivots to show up for their communities is BYD, a battery and vehicle manufacturer. Their new title? The #1 facemask producers. Not only have they been producing 5 million masks on a daily basis, but they have also been manufacturing 300,000 bottles of hand sanitizers as well. 

The last life-saving creation we will look at was created by two individuals: Cristian Fracassi, founder and CEO of engineering company Isinnova and Michele Faini, an expert in 3D print manufacturing and a research and development designer at Lonati SpA. When a hospital in northern Italy began to run out of respiratory machines, their usual manufacturer did not have the capacity to deliver in the necessary timeframe. Fracassi and Faini heard the call and banned together to create a valve that could replace the respiratory machines. In less than two days, these two were able to 3-D print 100 valves. 

How is that for brands that are quickly pivoting into community mode? It’s our turn to take a step back, look at our business resources and reevaluate our operations. We are all being called to do something. Everything right now, more than ever, is about impact. All of us have the opportunity to reassess and pivot for our community. Regardless of our titles or our industries, it’s time to get creative and it’s time to serve. 

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