Corporate Rebels Bravely Lead With Their Beliefs to Redefine the Possibilities

Renowned British economist and investor, John Maynard Keynes, once said, "Worldly wisdom teaches that it is better for reputation to fail conventionally than to succeed unconventionally." Almost a century later, Keynes' theory still holds. In our current, highly tumultuous corporate climate, many organizations find themselves unknowingly pursuing comfort, not success, as their most coveted commodity.

Entrepreneurs Often Struggle To Go Against Conventional Methods and Strategies

Today, business owners in every industry can get trapped in a cycle of keeping their proverbial eyes on everyone else's paper, preferring status quo to risk – even if the current practices aren't producing desired results. Rather than innovate a new solution for a better return on overall investment, many companies prefer to remain stagnant (or even fold altogether) doing precisely what everyone else is doing than face the intense criticism and scrutiny that come with going against the norm.

Corporate Rebels Don't Believe in Business as Usual Practices That Don't Work

Fortunately, true corporate rebels (like John Maynard Keynes) have the innate ability to dream, pioneer, and revolutionize pretty much anything without getting too caught up in what everyone else is doing – or more specifically, what everyone else is thinking. Business mutineers boldly and bravely lead with their beliefs, often because their unwavering curiosity proves a far more powerful force than any flavor of professional peer pressure.

Most importantly, rebels do more than lead with their beliefs in regards to marketing and messaging ­­­— their internal belief system and values drive virtually every core decision they make. From sourcing and recruiting to logistics and final execution, these brave leaders and brands are willing to speak up and act out. They knowingly embrace their role as the onsite voice of dissent, putting a stake in the ground to project what they believe vocally, consistently, and insistently.
The corporate rebel's innate desire to not only succeed but to succeed unconventionally, allows them to forge their own paths and establish their own rules of engagement, without unnecessary regard for society or industry norms. As a result, their complete irreverence for business-as-usual practices that don't work equips them to see what others don't, ignore perceived boundaries, and redefine the possibilities.

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