Empowering Employees To Maintain (& Change) Your Corporate Culture

There's a common presumption in the industry that corporate culture is a top-down only phenomenon, where the c-suite executives alone establish the workplace vibe for the entire organization. Yes, a company's leadership team is essential to striking and supporting a positive tone within a business. However, rebel CEOs and entrepreneurs recognize that, to maximize success, it's also crucial to empower employees to not only sustain an existing culture but also to feel encouraged and motivated to change a negative workplace environment.  

Empowered Employees Help Companies Hit Milestones

Employee empowerment does more than make your company a great place to work (which, it does) – it also plays a pivotal role in achieving your organization's goals and milestones. A staff that is invested and inspired to action will keep a company perpetually moving forward, feel better prepared to manage disruption in the marketplace, and ultimately, drive value to customers. Following just a few best practices can help keep your employees plugged in, engaged, and ready to enact change:

Don't Make Assumptions

Many corporate leaders assume that they share the same values as their employees. Not true. Every worker has an individualized perception of corporate currency (which, incidentally, is often not money). Yes, some people do value money. However, you’re just as likely to find that your workers are motivated by other things, such as paid time off, social events, opportunities for growth, increased responsibilities and visibility, and the chance to learn new components of the business. Knowing what's relevant to your employees can best position you to motivate and empower them.

Recognize Good Ideas

Don't underestimate the importance of praise and recognition for your staff members. Negative corporate cultures resist change and new ideas. However, entrepreneurs in a thriving workplace environment not only welcome different ways of doing things but they also acknowledge and recognize the contributors throughout the company. Incorporating praise into the fabric of your company culture encourages your staff members to continuously introduce new ideas and tactics.

Let Them Run With Things

Beyond encouraging innovative concepts, rebel leaders recognize that it's also vital to let their employees take the lead on new practices, and standards. Delegate new initiatives and campaigns to staff members, allowing them to take the lead whenever (and as much as) possible. Letting your employees run with things both supports their professional growth as well as helps keep them fully vested in your company culture as they continuously experiment with new ways to redefine what's possible.

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