From The Top Down: Five Ways To Foster A Rebel Corporate Culture

In business, it's not enough for executives to simply be rebels – to ignite consistent, scalable change across every level of an organization our corporate leaders must also build rebels. Sometimes fostering a rebel corporate culture is easy. Maybe you've hired your team from the ground up with the insight and fortitude needed to stack the rebel odds in your favorMaybe you've somehow miraculously inherited a savvy crew of mutineers already well versed in the fine art of business rebellion. 

Or, maybe not.

Yes, as a leader, encouraging rebellion in our place of business can be challenging when our staff members aren't inherently predisposed to provocation. However, it is possible to promote a work environment that celebrates constructive, purposeful disruption. Implementing a few cultural practices can help nurture the inner full-time rebel in every team member.


Get In The Trenches
Rebels are never afraid to roll up their sleeves and do what must be done. Forget about job descriptions. Create a work environment that adheres to a "see a problem, own a problem" mentality. Watching you assume unexpected tasks and roles will encourage others to follow suit, testing out new ways to solve old issues in the process.


Establish The Collaborative Norm
Many business owners assume that they already provide a collaborative platform for personnel, only to realize that workplace silos have diminished the team into a crew of individual contributors. Make collaboration a standard operating practice throughout the organization, empowering your staff to connect, brainstorm, inspire, and challenge each other. Which, brings us to our next tip…


Make It Okay To Disagree (With You)
Your group is going to take their cue from you on how disagreement is viewed, both within the team as well when directed at you. It's not enough to just allow differing opinions; as their fearless leader, it's up to you to actively pursue the voices of dissent. Not only will you make respectful divergence acceptable, but you'll also reap the many benefits delivered from creative opposition. 


Shake Things Up
Even practiced rebel executives can find themselves caught up in an unexpected (yet, surprisingly comfortable) routine. Consistently pursue new practices, ideas, and innovations, both for yourself and your team, to keep your crew motivated and inspired to seek out change.

Embrace Transparency
Inherent rebels recognize that failure is simply an unexpected stop on the road to success. Unfortunately, many rebel leaders find that their employees have been conditioned to believe that mistakes and missteps put their reputation (and potentially their career) in jeopardy. Use transparency to dispel the myth of perfection. Yes, as team lead it's essential to focus on your strengths and sing your team's praises. However, it's just as vital to be honest about weaknesses and errors as well. Sharing and celebrating your fails and vulnerabilities will encourage the group to fearlessly take bigger calculated risks as they innovate their way to an ultimately bigger reward.

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