How Professional Rebels Continuously See What is Invisible to Others

Successful business rebels often have their achievements dismissed by naysayers in a single "right place, right time" swoop. Yes, timing and a healthy dose of serendipity frequently come into play when reinventing (aka bending) the existing corporate rules of engagement. Still, effective mutineers rely on far more than luck and chance when paving new paths of innovation and productive disruption.
Jonathan Swift once said, "vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." True entrepreneurial pioneers see, discern, and leverage what is invisible to others, elevating the art of vision into an innate, unwavering superpower. How? By consistently and unapologetically:
Opposing Traditional Views
Naturally curious, intrinsically creative, and inherently irreverent (in the very best way possible), business revolutionaries continuously question the status quo. Their opposition to traditional views enables them to build onto other ideas and concepts in new and unconventional ways; where others see a brick wall, rebels somehow sense a door or (more often than not), a launching pad.
Identifying Trends and Patterns
It's easy to get caught up in a constant rotation of merely managing the next professional task in front of you. Quite honestly, sometimes it's necessary to slow things down and make business headway one step forward at a time. However, innovators also understand the power in occasionally taking a step back to take in the big picture, pinpointing relevant trends and patterns as they do. They then use this insight to make predictions about how people and technology will evolve, instantly helping them stay one step ahead of the competition.
Making Unexpected Connections
Finally, business rebels recognize that a straight line is not always the most direct route to success, especially in a turbulent marketplace. They have an unwavering ability to see beyond a well-worn path and conceptualize different strategies, tactics, and solutions. Whether it's repurposing an existing product, tapping into a different consumer demographic, or reimagining the current process, these revolutionaries can visualize unexpected connections that are completely undetectable to others.

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