How To Launch Your Career As Full-Time Rebel

When we think "corporate rebel," we often instantly conjure up images of world-famous entrepreneurs. We focus on visionaries like Oprah, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates; non-conforming provocateurs who struck out on their own, purposefully swimming against the existing current to make their indelible business mark on a global scale.

Start Your Own Business Rebellion, Right Where You Are

Yes, the high-risk, high-reward factor makes launching a business or brand in any industry feel inherently rebellious. However, there are many thought-leaders working at companies of every size and scope who have successfully embraced a rebel mindset despite the restraints of hierarchy charts, department managers, and office politics. These change-agents have completely redefined their full-time gig on their own terms…and with remarkable business impact.

Many employees don't realize they have both the opportunity and the authority to start a business rebellion, right from their desk or cubicle. Knowing a few simple, yet essential, tips can help you shirk the status quo and ignite your personal career revolution, establishing yourself as your place of employment's resident, full-time corporate rebel.

Tip #1: Understand Your Role

Note: This is not the same as "know your place" (which, as any full-time rebel will tell you, is onward and upward). Knowing your role means recognizing the specific parameters of your current position in relation to other teams, executives, the organization, and even within your industry so you can optimize value with every engagement, project, and initiative.

Tip #2: Align Your Goals

Every full-time rebel has specific career objectives. However, rapid forward momentum begins when you're able to align your goals with as many other stakeholders as possible. Do your homework; understand your boss's priorities, the company's vision, and current industry trends to show value when the opportunity presents itself.

Tip #3: Build Bridges

Most people stop networking as soon as they land the job. However, full-time rebels understand that their start date marks when the real networking begins. Remember, today's interns are tomorrow's clients (or hiring managers or decision makers). Continuously build bridges and develop relationships, both internally and externally, to establish your village of corporate advocates and champions.

Tip #4: Sing Your Own Praises  

Let's face it: your colleagues and even ​your boss are all far too busy to notice all of your groundbreaking professional triumphs. Remind them as needed to keep your ever-growing list of achievements planted firmly on their collective radars. Don't wait for your quarterly review. Instead, continuously document and broadcast your wins internally to the right stakeholders to build confidence in your competence and capabilities. Eventually, they will start singing your praises for you.  

Tip #5: Lift As You Climb

True full-time rebels don't merely develop advocates - they also serve as advocates. Don't just sing your own praises; recognize others for their efforts and contributions as often as you can. Most importantly, as you begin to move up within your organization, take your established "wolf pack" of innovators with you to create and sustain a new culture of innovation within your business.

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