How To Think & Act Like a Rebel Brand (Interview with our CEO)

If you have had the opportunity to chat with our CEO Nicola Smith for even 2 minutes you know, she is a strategic rebel through and through. She took her core rebel values and created our company, REBEL & REASON. Everything we do is filtered through the lens of our beliefs and our mission. 

One of our values (which you already know if you have looked through our website or glanced at our Instagram) is that we believe in breaking the rules. We believe in questioning the status quo at all times. In fact, we even tell anyone who wants to work with our team, if you are not ready to break away from the herd because you believe in doing things how they have always been done, we don't want to work with you. 

A few weeks ago, Nicola was interviewed by Alpana Aras-King on her mindset and on how ANYONE can be a leader in their category if they are ready to think like a rebel.  

Watch this to see how WE think and how YOU can also think like a rebel brand!