KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Launches "Fly Responsibly" Program

Every industry has its own unique set of corporate monsters. At some point, most company leaders recognize specific consumer demographics, situations, and trends that, while driving profit margins, dilute the organization's internal core values. It's then that rebel brands must make a choice: protect profit margins or protect the integrity of their brand.

The Fine Line Between Monster and Monster Slayer

Unfortunately, sometimes, there's a fine (and often blurred) line between monster and monster slayer. However, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is proving that it is possible to slay larger, globally recognized monsters – even if the organization itself is an inherent part of the problem. At a time when most airlines are fighting for market share and urging consumers to book their flights, KLM's "Fly Responsibly" program is challenging potential customers to consider whether they really need to fly at all. 

KLM'S Fly Responsibly Campaign Helps Redefine Status Quo When Traveling

Launched in late 2019, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines' Fly Responsibly initiative acknowledges the impact that flying has on the environment – and encourages consumers to make eco-conscious choices when making travel arrangements. The campaign focuses on several factors that can help minimize harmful carbon emissions often associated with flying. Travelers are asked to consider whether a face-to-face meeting is mandatory or if other, less damaging travel methods are possible before booking a flight.

Of course, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recognizes that, sometimes, flights are necessary. However, even then, the Fly Responsibly program offers options for travelers to help better protect the environment – or at least attempt to break even from a carbon emissions standpoint. KLM encourages its passengers that do fly to find ways to compensate for CO2 emissions or cut back on luggage to reduce overall fuel burned during transport. 

Most importantly, as an industry innovator, KLM isn't just placing the onus of global consciousness on flyers. The organization has also committed to take steps to protect the environment. The company is investing in sustainable solutions like it's fleet renewal program, using more environmentally friendly fuel, and launching a sustainable fuel plant. The company is even striving to increase efficiencies and reduce catering waste to ensure it's doing its part in redefining the industry's current status quo.

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