One Person's Trash: Rothy's Sees What's Invisible To Others

We've all heard the expression, "one person's trash is another person's treasure." This figure of speech is something we've all experienced. At some point in our personal lives, we've all found the beauty, usefulness, or purpose in an item that someone else has discarded. 

Rothy's Puts New Spin On Sustainability With Recycled Flats

Professionally, it gets a bit more challenging to find organizations that embody the treasure/trash dichotomy. However, Rothy's, a resoundingly rebellious business, is changing that. The San Francisco shoe startup is building its brand by turning actual trash into trendy footwear. They use post-consumer plastic water bottles and other recycled materials to create machine-washable, fun, and fashionable flats for women and children.

Rothy's entire retail approach is geared toward optimizing sustainability in every business phase. To date, the company has repurposed over forty-seven million single-use plastic bottles, transforming them into the retailer's signature thread used in their shoes – and saving them from spending an eternity in a landfill. Beyond the plastic bottles, Rothy's incorporates other eco-friendly practices and components, including humanely harvested merino wool, carbon-free rubber outsoles, and bio-based, recycled foam insoles. 

The company even strives for zero waste production. Rothy's flats are shipped in a single box with biodegradable cardboard inserts and other repurposed materials. The retailer also offsets its carbon emission by partnering with a tropical forest protection program. Put simply: consumers won't just look good in Rothy's flats – they can feel good that their purchase is doing good for the planet. Rothy's shoe line has quickly caught on with shoppers, particularly those in the New York City and San Francisco marketplace.

Rothy's Business Approach Embodies Rebel Rule #1 

Rothy's environmentally conscious business approach isn't the only thing worth emulating. This brave brand is also an excellent example of a true nonconformist enterprise that lives by our first rule of rebellion: see that's invisible to others. Where other organizations only saw garbage, Rothy's was able to discern both business opportunity and a possible solution to our global waste epidemic for an innovative win/win.

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