Pursuing Discomfort: Why You Should As A Corporate Practice

Looking for a way to shake things up with your team in the name of professional growth and development? Serve up a heaping helping of disruption and (most importantly) discomfort. Most people zero in on their comfort zone, lavishing in what they know (and can control) as a measure of their collective success. However, corporate rebels recognize that the best way to innovate and revolutionize, in any capacity, is to step outside the routine and embrace the unknown in all its awkward, chaotic, uncomfortable glory.
Promoting a rebel culture where your team finds "comfort in the discomfort" can yield several essential benefits, including:

A Practice Of Presence
Work habits are resoundingly cozy. However, getting trapped in a corporate rut of repetition dulls our sensitivities, potentially eliminating one of a rebel's greatest gifts: an innate sense of presence. Encouraging your team to stretch beyond their comfort limits installs a practice of presence, forcing them to turn off their professional autopilot and tune-in to whatever initiative your group is tackling next.

Fear Management
One of the biggest obstacles on the road to widespread corporate rebellion? Fear. Fear of making mistakes, being wrong, looking unprepared; everyone has their own personal top worry that pushes them back towards what's easy rather than propels them forward to something unfamiliar. Yes, changing up our workplace norms and trying new things is scary – at first.  However, conditioning your team to effectively meet and manage the anxiety that comes when putting themselves in unknown situations can have long-term, positive results. In short, making them uncomfortable now will help them exponentially grow their comfort levels in the future.

Promote Collaboration 
Rebel leaders recognize that the best results come from working as a team. Redefining responsibilities, pairing up staff members who typically don't interact, and even something as simple as changing up where everyone sits can all foster a more interactive, collaborative environment where your crew engages with each other to get things done because they have no other choice.

Make Work Fun 
Best of all, mixing things up makes work enjoyable. Predictability, while comforting, eventually becomes boring. Many businesses lose top tier talent just because they feel underutilized. Fostering a culture that celebrates change and innovation, while initially a little uncomfortable, ultimately makes the workday more challenging, engaging, and dynamic (aka fun).
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How do you shake things up at work to spark creativity and innovation? Tell us about your favorite ways to pursue discomfort in the comments below. Or, connect with us at REBEL & REASON to hear more about ways to inspire your corporate team to stretch outside their comfort zones.