Rebel Rules #1: See What is Invisible to Others

At REBEL & REASON, we know that there is a corporate rebel in everyone. There's an inherent rule-breaker (or maybe more of a rule-bender) inside all of us who is uniquely equipped to ignore the status quo and build a brave brand that redefines what business-as-usual looks like. 

The Rebel Rule Book (aka Some Of The Only Rules Rebels Follow)

Of course, at REBEL & REASON, we also understand that unleashing our inner mutineer isn't always easy. However, we firmly believe that, as with most things, practice makes perfect – and the best way to tap into your personal rebel superpower is to know some of the biggest ways that business provocateurs lead, innovate, and transform "how things have always been done." 

In total, there are seven ways that professional pioneers creatively problem-solve, beginning with:

Rule #1: Rebels See What Is Invisible To Others

Vision plays a significant role in the success of any business. However, rebel entrepreneurs often see things a lot differently than other executives, for a myriad of reasons. Rebels:

Want To See For Themselves

Rebels are naturally curious. Typically, they don't want anyone to tell them what they are seeing - or worse yet, that something is "good enough" as it is. Instead, they want to dig in, evaluate, collaborate, brainstorm, and create their own definition of a situation as well as outline a possible solution. Their resistance to blindly accept traditional views and concepts empowers them to approach projects without any preconceived limitations or "stop signs."

Know How To Find (And Open) The Window

Speaking of stop signs, rebels recognize that obstacles and disruptions are a common incurrence in business. However, they don't focus too long on what others consider a dead end. Where others may perceive a stonewall, practiced mutineers recognize that if they recalibrate and evolve, they will likely find a window that leads to an entirely new path for success. 

Don't Always Need To See The Finish Line

Yes, innovators have the vision needed to see the big picture and discern opportunities that are invisible to others. However, they don't have to be able to see the finish line to keep moving forward. When others start to feel overwhelmed by the scope of a project, rebels can exert the hyper-focus needed to take the journey one step at a time.  

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