Navigating Through Disruption Caused by COVID-19

The rampant spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused global health concerns, and in some countries, a full-scale crisis. While our top priority should always be our health, the reality is that major national and worldwide events don’t just impact our personal lives - they can also have a profound effect on our professional lives as well. At REBEL & REASON, we’re connecting with a steadily rising number of clients who are also beginning to question how the virus will influence both their productivity and their livelihood during this challenging time.

Have You Recalibrated Your Brand Strategy? 

As a small business ourselves, the team at REBEL & REASON understands the mixed emotions and reactions surrounding the coronavirus. As a brand that specializes in showing companies how to navigate disruption, we’re now dedicating our internal resources to helping our partners survive and thrive in this pandemic environment. 

For example, REBEL & REASON recently teamed with a client to recalibrate their corporate approach and product positioning based on expected short- to medium-term effects of the virus. We worked under a tight deadline, developing strategic recommendations in just three days. As a result, this client now has a purposeful and proactive approach to help future-proof their operations, despite the seamlessly endless changes on the ground and around the world. 

Redefining Business as Usual for Your Brand

Right now, most entrepreneurs have one primary focus: to continue on as closely as possible to business as usual. However, travel restrictions, supply chain disruption, unpredictable consumer behavior, and work-from-home mandates can require fast, agile adjustments. 

REBEL & REASON can help companies explore how to best practice resilience when supporting those most impacted by the coronavirus by adapting your capabilities to meet client needs. Our strategies include:

  • Threats and opportunities assessment 
  • Virtual scenario planning session to develop multiple contingency plans for your business
  • Adaptation Strategy development 
  • Proactive disruption messaging development (for employees and clients/customers)
  • Virtual Can/If strategy sessions to help make business adaption a reality despite situational constraints
  • Virtual Rebel Thinking training to give your team the tools to continue to adapt as the situation changes

We are offering a free, 30-minute consultation to help you think through next steps. Please take advantage of this opportunity now to be sure you and your team are ready. 

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