Small Businesses are Thriving

Charles Darwin once said: 

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Now more than ever we are seeing one of the most underrated skills in business: following the energy. All of the leaders who were once married to “how it has always been done” are finding themselves in a make or break situation. Either they adapt and follow where the energy is going or they shut down business.  

If before you believed that working from home was completely against the rules or if you were stuck on keeping your services as an in-person offering,  you are now coming up against a very real truth: business as usual is out. As we saw in our last blog post, companies around the world that are determined to make it out of this period stronger than ever are flipping their services upside down and proving to us that anything really is possible.  

One company that is completely going where the energy is flowing is Connecticut based toy store Necker’s Toyland. Since 1948 this company has held strong and in 2020, there is no exception. Not only are they offering curbside pickup and delivery options but they have recently incorporated a facetime option where kids can call in and hop on a Toyland tour. 

Helping to keep our kids entertained is no small feat. Another company that is taking on this challenge by expanding their offerings is McAlister Training. Once a public gym, McAlister training has gone completely virtual for the adults and now, for the kids. Many parents are now are wearing MANY hats. They are cooking, teaching, entertaining, working, the list goes on. Helping parents take off at least one of those hats is a necessary call that both Necker's Toyland and McAlister Training have answered.

In addition to expanding their offerings, we are also seeing the power of partnership. Metro Bis for example, is a restaurant that, like many restaurants, has had to get creative in order to help deliver quality meals to its customers while ensuring necessary safety measures. By partnering up with nearby grocery stores to sell prepared meals in the stores, they are doing just that. 

Whether they are expanding their audience base, switching up their services, or finding ways to partner with other small businesses, one thing is certain: when you follow the energy and take out all of the rules, you’re in business. 

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