The Future of Personalization

Consumers are craving personalization and customized experiences to enhance their daily lives. They’re looking for brands to provide unique solutions to cater to their individual preferences. 

Companies need to be consumer-focused in today’s world to satisfy their needs. Even Netflix realizes the importance of this message. 

“Our focus is not on Disney+, Amazon or others, but on how we can improve our experience for our members,” says Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. 

Netflix has this principle down. After all, 80% of what Netflix consumers watch comes from their personalized recommendations. Focusing on the consumer is key for gaining results. 

These current trends will continue to grow and within the next few years, content will be highly personalized, niche material that will be delivered to those who want to watch it the most. 

Netflix has even experimented with interactive content that allows the viewer to choose their own adventure. When there are multiple ways for a show to progress based on consumer input, people pay attention. Most importantly, people want to be involved in the process to have their own unique experience.

Another company that understands the trend of personalization is L’Oreal. They recently released an AI-powered-at-home system called Perso that can deliver on-the-spot skincare and cosmetic formulas that can be optimized to increase levels of personalization over time. 

Having a specialized L’Oreal makeup product is extremely appealing to people that want a shade, foundation, or lip product made specifically for their skin type. Imagine creating a lipstick shade of your choosing that no one else has. It can make you feel extremely special, and that’s exactly what L’Oreal wants.

Brands are beginning to realize the importance of personalization in consumers’ daily lives. Thinking about your own industry, how can you make your products or ideas more attractive to customers that want a unique experience? How can brands fast-track their product development to give consumers what they want before they even realize it? 

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