The Top 3 Industries Using Chatbots

Chatapps currently dominate the social and mobile landscape with over 75% of global smartphone users using some sort of messaging app at least once a month in 2015. Snapchat has 150 Million daily active users, activity on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp combined is now 3X the global volume of SMS messages, at 60 billion messages a day compared to 20 billion and more players are arriving in the space in ever increasing numbers. But despite the mass appeal of these platforms, only a few brands have mastered the art of chatapps and taken them beyond entertainment and engagement and into utility. 

In parallel to this overall growth in adoption and usage of chat apps, we are also seeing the development of new chatbot technology. Unlike their early predecessors who strove to be more human, these chatbots are not trying to pass, as authentic human beings, but rather they present themselves as utilitarian tools focused on adding value to participant’s lives. The transactional nature of these chatbots and conversations offer amazing opportunities for brands and participants alike. Check out the chart below for some of the top verticals and brands currently using chatbots. 

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