Understanding Your Role (Hint: It's Not Your Job Title)

In our last blog, we learned, how to cultivate the rebel mindset  - a process that promotes and conditions rebellious thinking at our place of business. We've also learned that the word rebel is both a noun and a verb…and that rebels take action.

Are you ready to put your new frame of mind to work and thrive as the corporate creative you are? It all starts with one key component in the lives of full-time rebels everywhere: Understanding your role.

Strategically Rebelling Your Way To Organizational Change

It's important to note that understanding your role is decidedly not the same as knowing your place. Knowing your place often means perpetuating the status quo and following the herd because that's what's expected of you in your current station. Understanding your role is not about your title, department, or spot on the org chart. Rather, it's about going beyond the parameters of function to understand how your current position relates to executives, C-level management, teams, colleagues and the company as a whole.

Why is understanding your role vital to successful corporate rebellion? Because full-time rebels are inherent risk takers. As you push for and lead change within your organization, having a firm grasp of the terrain you're navigating helps you move strategically to expedite results (as well as avoid personal landmines that derail your mission before you truly launch).

Using Context Sharpen Your Big-Picture Focus

The biggest factor (or, in some cases, hindrance) to thoroughly understanding your role often boils down to one thing: context. Recognizing context sharpens your big-picture focus, allowing you to know your role on a situational basis. For example, in some professional engagements, you may find yourself in a support role. In others, you may be the subject matter expert. Distinguishing the context of your role as it relates to people and specific interactions allows you to see what the entire game board looks like. You'll be equipped with the insight and agility needed to maximize impact with every project, initiative, and conversation as you move your corporate rebellion forward, strategically and successfully.

Download our infographic on Understanding Your Role here. 

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