When Internal Culture Is Your Biggest Corporate Disruption

As a corporate leader, experience tells you that disruption can (and does) happen. No matter what the industry or size of enterprise, at some point, every organization will experience operational turbulence that threatens corporate opportunity, growth, profits, and overall place in market. Unfortunately, what most executives don't realize is that, oftentimes, the biggest corporate disruption they'll endure has little to do with new vertical products, services, and competitors. For many businesses, the biggest obstacle to ultimate success begins internally, with a negative (or even toxic) corporate culture.

Is A Toxic Company Culture Impacting Your Brand Success?

Rebel executives recognize that while client engagement and company reputation are vital, effectively positioning any outward-facing initiatives begins in-house. Innovative leaders understand that final results can rely heavily on promoting a functioning and positive internal culture.

Is your current workplace environment hindering success at your company? Know these telltale signs that your corporate culture may be creating disruption:

Operational Silos

What does the technology and processes blueprint of your organization look like? A company that's using multiple internal systems and procedures within individual departments promotes inefficiency, establishes very clearly defined team silos, and hinders true collaborative efforts across the organization.

Blame Oriented

How mistakes are handled within your company can prove a major indication of your overall workplace vibe. Does the team rally together to find a better solution...or spin wheels pointing fingers and justifying their own choices? Corporate provocateurs understand that the road to success is often paved with misfires, miscalculations and missteps, making it easier for their reports to view failure as future opportunity.

Unfriendly Competition

The mark of a healthy, thriving internal culture is having a staff capable of challenging each other, using healthy competitive measures to raise the bar and redefine marketplace expectations. However, some businesses spend far more time aggressively opposing each other instead of using that energy to edge out the competition in the market.

Disengaged Staff

Employee engagement is the single biggest contributor to a robust and dynamic workplace environment. A disengaged staff can negatively impact, well, pretty much everything, including a high employee turnover.


Is a negative company culture disrupting performance and results? Contact REBEL & REASON today to hear how we can help you readjust your workplace environment with long-term, sustainable results.